Barrenjoey Beanies

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Trip leaders: Manon, Chris, Nikki S 

It’s been almost a month since the club trip to Barrenjoey but better late than never

The day began with myself shouting through the slightly ajar window at Nikki’s house. Im glad shes a light sleeper and i got her up with my squealing 😀 and Henry was chasing a little lost Chilean girl around central- NB Central is not a good meeting spot for car drivers - and disorientated  international students -try North Sydney instead..

We arrived at Barrenjoey - to the nice $20 a day (cough cough)  parking lot - (although if you're lucky and like to haul your club gear for about a 1 km there is a few free spots right at the beginning of the car park) to a gathering of the  Porsche  club - with our shitty old cars and climbing clothes we stuck out amongst the crowd of well - Porsche owners ….


We tramped along the beach, past the Asbestos house to the ‘South West’ Wall

Such a great group, super enthusiastic; everyone got on all the climbs we set up including:


Mode (sport) 1621014746_10213042806240703_445573819_o

Abseil wall- trad (but can set up from top of mode)- 16  

Celluloid heroes - trad - 10

21014608_10213042767679739_1059508324_oWomb to tomb (trad) 17 -not using the 22 start on lead - but everyone having a good time on it on top rope - we had a flipper on this one! - make sure the rope isn’t running behind your leg when you're climbing - 😉  luckily he  just fell into thin air and had a good upside down dangle

Pledge a legend - 14 (trad)/crack or not crack on top rope  - everyone enjoyed this one! Has a tricky cave traverse!
Liquid insanity - 18 sport


group (1 of 1) girls (1 of 1) 21017459_10213042771159826_269710753_o

Some of us had a climbing break by checking out the fabulous view from the lighthouse! (15-20 min walk from the crag)


We finished off the day with food and beer at the good old Regent Hotel in Kingsford - as we couldn't find a student priced pub in the Northern beaches ( surprise, surprise)